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Songs From Black Spirit - PETE'S ROCK NEWS AND VIEWS.COM 




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New Promo: Songs From Black Spirit - I Am Who I Am - (Heavy Metal) 


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SONGS from Black SPIRIT on zine BATHORY



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SBS vocalist Vitalis "Don Vito" Kairiūkštis solo project "SONGS FROM BLACK SPIRIT", "I am who I am" newest video clip for the song "Memories".

 Here you can vote for it in the LRT Klipvid competition, we need your support !!!






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SBS vocalist's Vitalis "Don Vito" Kairiūkštis solo project "SONGS FROM BLACK SPIRIT", 

"I am who I am" official trailer video lyrics Saecula Obscura / Love is blind






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Travel adventures of our team. SBS album "Heaven can wait ...", song "Bloody wedding", 

Cameraman Maestro Algimantas Mikutėnas





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Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis proudly presents the new project SONGS from BLACK SPIRIT "I am who I am" and announces that the selection of participating musicians has been completed and 16 new songs have been prepared and 3 have already been heard by listeners, but newly arranged specifically for this album. The album was produced by Vitalis Don Vito Kairiūkštis and Giedrius Jumbo Balčiūnas, who captured almost all guitar parties. A large group of Lithuanian and foreign stars - Vitalis friends - took part in recording this album. Surnames such as Bass Guitarists Dino Fiorenza (Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Slash, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Mistheria, John West, Rob Rock, Mark Boals), Mads Mølbæk (SEVEN THORNS), Bernt Jansen (WIG WAM, JORN, ARTCH , BABY SNAKES, HOLTER), Giovanni Sena (AGE OF ARTEMIS, ALLIANCE, LOST VALLEY), Gintautas Litinskas, Leonid Shinkarenko, Andriejus Daugirdas, Martynas “Meška” Garbačas, Keyboardists Maestro Mistheria (VIVALDI METAL PROJECT, ARTLANTICA, MISTHERIA, EDU FALASCHI , MICHAEL GAPYS, ROGER STAFELBACH'S ANGEL OF EDEN, TOWER OF BABEL), Gabriele Gabriels Crisafulli (ALMA SACRA, ALDARIA, METAPHYSICS), Joakim “Mohican Joe” Roberg (ASTRAL DOORS), Rodrigo Boechat (SOULSPELL), Jorris Guilbaud (SHADYON , DEVOID), Bob Katsionis (FIREWIND, OUTLOUD, SERIOUS BLACK, REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE, NIGHTFALL, SEPTIC FLESH), Lauri Muttilainen (FROZEN LAND), Jari Pailamo (KING COMPANY), Aistė Trakšelytė, Robertas Slavėnas, Guitarists Sergej Mavrin (ARIA, KIPELOV ), Barish Kepic (HEAVEN'S TRAIL), Kostas Balčiūnas, Robertas Semeniukas, Enrikas Slavinskis, Tomas Varnagiris, Drummers Salvatore Giordano (DERDIAN), Lars Borup (SEVEN THORNS), Mark Cross (GOD'S ARMY, METAL MACHINE, RESIDENT X, TAINTED NATION, TOWER OF BABEL, IAN GILLAN, NIGHTFALL, METALIUM, HELLOWEE, SCORPIONS, THE SUPREMACY, KINGDOM COME, AT VANCE, WINTER'S BANE, FIREWIND, SARACEN), Šarūnas Venckus, Fausta Šukytė, Ilja Molodcov, Aleksandr Dvorakovskij will make the heart of a real rock fan tremble. As Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis himself says, "The main thing (the main author of music and lyrics) - this project is solid as steel and transparent as the morning dew - my soul, my body and my blood. Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis, Marina Ammouri, Thomas Vikström (CANDLEMASS, STORMWIND, THERION), Rimtautas Piskarskas, Ieva Vaiciukevičienė have prepared the main vocal parties, photos by Renata “Crazytė” Drukteinytė and Eugenijus Mironovičius, special effects by Ramūnas Jasutis. And unforgetable instruments, that are not very traditional for rock music: viola (Marina Lepesevich), bagpipes (Laimonas Staškūnas), kanklės (Irma Asinavičienė & Lijana Venslovienė), horn pipe by (Artūras “Shilas” Šileikis) and the pure exotica – duduk (Ramūnas Jasutis). Negotiations with the label are ongoing and news will come soon.
Stay heavy !!!

In Rock We Trust !!!




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Aistė Trakšelytė (SAGITTARIUS, Berserker) and Vitalis Kairiūkštis (SBS, FATA MORGANA, PLACKARTAS and many more) present a new musical project SONGS FROM BLACK SPIRIT and brand new song "Queen of the lies" (Music by Aistė/Vitalis, lyrics by Vitalis)"

Thanks to the whole team, who worked with us, these people were wonderful:
Ramūnas Jasutis (sound, 'passage'), Algimantas Mikutėnas (he was always around), Ieva Vaiciukevičienė (support and criticism), Renata Crazyte (photo and endurance to cold), Eugenijus Mironovičius (ideological support), Audrius Vidžys, UAB Vidginta - Beer home - Pilialaukis (wonderfull interior), Grytis Sipavičius (sturdy shoulder) Lukas Damulis (IT help), Amelija Jakutytė (angel voice on evil lyrics), Rokas Bernatonis - (made what seemed to be impossible).
"In Rock We Trust !!!
Aistė and Vitalis









Happy holidays |2015.12.23|


Merry Bloody Christmas & Happy New Year !!!


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Ten years ago Judas Priest chose SBS as a warmup for their show on 03.12.2005 in Vilnius. SBS had the priviledge to play and warmup these heavy metal giants. As the second Judas Priest concert in Vilnius approaches (08.12.2015) SBS offer you the chance to see a video footage from the 2005 concert. We have uploaded the songs AMEN/SVETIMI PAUKSCIAI and TU VISKA SUTRYPEI KAS SVENTA


We will keep upload new videos from that concert. You can see them in our Facebook page


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Song "Mirties sukūry" ("In the maelstrom of death") by SBS (Spicy bits of scandal) festival GaDi 2007, Kernavė, Lithuania

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Here you will find further disclosure of the group SBS archives - the song "Pranašo sapnas" ("Prophet's dream"),"

from festival "Gamtininkų dienos" ("Naturalist days") (Gadi), Kernavė, Lithuania, 2007


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Here You can find one of our rarest songs (live on stage) "Nothing can replace it"


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Here you can byu our third album (double CD "The Gambler")



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Here you will find SBS song "I'm in the night" from our live performance in 2014 -

Club "Fountain Palace" (Liepaja Latvia)


Merry Bloody X-mas and Heavy New Year!!!

Concert |2014.12.20|

SBS concert on December 20th in Vilnius, Alaus namai, Goštauto g. 8, LT-01108, 21h


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SBS song "Kiss of Judas" at UK radio station "The Rock Show" THE ROCK SHOW #213, 14 September 2014

Click on "Download this show now!"

You will find us since 50'10''.

News |2014.09.11|

Here you will find few SBS songs, from our performances in 2014 -

Club "Fountain Palace" (Liepaja Latvia and festival "Rock Nights" 2014, Zarasai, Lithuania)

Kiss of Judas"

"Against the Whole world"

"Puer Malus - You're the witch"

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News |2013.12.25|

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! Many many good mood and more good music! SBS - Vitalis, Kostas, Martynas, Ramūnas, Šarūnas.

News |2013.12.23|

Latest band news: Our drummer Vaidotas Segenis left the band. He was replaced by Šarūnas Venckus. Thank you Vaidas for all the time you were with us and welcome back Šarūnas!

News |2013.12.17|

Last SBS album "Heaven can wait..." now you can buy from distributor Hellion Records.

News |2013.12.10|

Hi All, Last SBS album "Heaven can wait..." now you can buy in Japan at ROCK STAKK RECORDS

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Red-hot clip of "Puer Malus - You are the witch" !!!

Concert |2013.11.30|

SBS concert on November 30th in Vilnius, Brodvėjus 21 h.

News |2013.09.13|

In 2013 we presented our new album "Heaven Can Wait...". We gave several concerts, which were filmed by maestro A. Mikutėnas, and the material was later used to create the video clip we called “Crazy Man’s Notes or Impressions form the Trip”. We hope you have a good time watching it!

News |2013.06.22|

Hot news !!! Documentary material - the Movie - making of the last album "Heaven can wait..." Enjoy!!!

Concert |2013.03.31|

SBS concert on April 13th in Vilnius, Alaus namai, Goštauto g. 8, LT-01108, 21h

Concert |2013.03.17|

SBS concert on March 29th in Kaunas, PuntoJazz Palėpė Kęstučio str..6, Kaunas 21 h.

Album |2013.03.17|

You can buy our new album "Heaven can wait" in these stores: MUZIKUMAS, Aušros vartų str. 13, Vilnius (there is a limited edition copy with signatures of the band memebers) IMUZIKA, Goštauto g. 3/24 str. Vilnius RAGAINĖ, Pilies g. Vilnius. You can also order it by email: 

News |2013.03.17|

Here you can find reviews of SBS's new album "Heaven can wait...": Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal, Stormbringer, Metal To Infinity, Metal Temple, HardHarderHeavy .

News |2013.02.19|

HERE can you find interview with Vitalis Kairiukstis, Voice of SBS in Metal To Infinity webzine. Enjoy!!!.

News |2013.02.05|

The greatest Lithuanian melodic/progressive metal band SBS (Spicy bits of scandal) proudly announce that the fourth album “Heaven can wait…” is finally ready. SBS is ready to amaze the audience with 15 brand new songs and one bonus track that reflect the new concept and influence of two internationally-known keyboardists - the Virtuoso keyboardist Maestro Mistheria and Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell, Rough Silk).
As SBS has signed the contract with the label Defox/Heart of Steel Record (, this album will be available in a digital version since 15 th of February.
Also, true collectors can buy the physical versions of “Heaven can wait…” by contacting SBS at .
5 faithful believers of the Religion of Rock - Vitalis „Don Vito“ Kairiūkštis – Vocals, Kostas Balčiūnas – Guitars, Martynas „Meška“ Garbačas – Bass guitar, Vaidotas Segenis – Drums, Ramūnas Jasutis – Keyboards are back and ready to rock the world again.
More information is available at: ...when blood will make your hands so warm, then you will see five rivers of hell...

News |2013.01.17|

SBS finished working on the new album "Heaven can wait...". We are planing to sign a contract with a label soon. Also we are planing a concert - album prezentation. More details - soon.

Happy holidays|2012.12.23|

SBS thanks you for being with us all year, and wishes all the best. Our gift to you are two new songs, "Bloody wedding" and "Kiss of Judas" from our forthcoming album "Heaven can wait...". You can listen to them in the music section of the page.


Soon we will begin filming a video clip for the new song "Kiss of Judas". In the words of the clip director the new video will be as good a really horror movie. The producers are searching for an actress, which will take part in this ecranization of a dramatic song. The character: a woman with a big ego and sexual as hell. If you're interested send us your presentation, photos and videos to us. The idea of the clip:!/groups/369515216471770/?fref=ts
Send your info to:!/groups/369515216471770/?fref=ts


We are finishing editing our documentary film "Judas Kiss" about the recording of our new album "Heaven can wait..." This movie will be presented on november 9th at the "Alaus Namai" music club (Goštauto str. 8, Vilnius).


Hey friends. If you like some spicy taste, scandals and good music and you want to spend a friday evening with good company, then this message is for you. SBS team invites you to a party "Sacrifice to the creator". There will be plenty of music and surprises... The party will take place on november 9th from 8:30 PM at "Alaus Namai" small hall. A warm evening with the band members, guest musicians, past members awaits you. We will show you a documentary on the making of the new SBS album "Heaven can wait..." and also a new video clip. You will be the first to hear our new songs. So, WELCOME. You can watch a teaser HERE


Italian press office "DVL Gator Bureau" started a good preview promotion and posted links on FaceBook, you can read news about SBS at; BIG SPLASH MUSIC, EUROCKERZ, MUSICALITA


Interview with band members Vitalis and Martynas on "The Rock Show": HERE. Also you can listen to our new song „Kiss of Judas“ from lithuanian metal show „Perkuno namai“. HERE

News |2012.05.24|

Heaven Can Wait...


Information about the new album: HERE

News |2012.05.24|

UK radio station "The Rock Show" played a song "Bloody wedding" from the new SBS album "Heaven can wait...", which should be out in the near future. "The Rock Show" soon will air an interview with the vocalist Vitalis Kairiukstis. A recording of the show anc be found HERE. The playlist: MOTORHEAD (Kick Off Klassik) BLACKBYRD (new) OXYGEN (new) HEAVY ON THE RIDE (new) SAXON TENACIOUS D (new) FIREWIND (featured) WINTER IN EDEN LILYGUN (Rock Chicks Rock) SPICY BITS OF SCANDAL (new) WASP (LiveWire) HEART (Erection Section) FIREWIND (new, featured) OZZY OSBOURNE FIREWIND (new, featured) HANGFIRE HELLOWEEN VOMIT WHORES (new) KNOCK OUT KAINE STEEL PANTHER THUNDER THE JEFF HEALEY BAND (cover play)

News |2012.01.30|

You can listen to our music here:

Best wishes |2011.12.28|

Have a happy new, black dragon, year, many good music and something to drink while listening :)

Heaven can wait... |2011.12.07|

We proudly announce the title of our fourth studio album "Heaven can wait...". Also we are very happy about the work with Mistheria.

News |2011.11.30|

From now on, you can buy "The Gambler" on CD BABY. Watch for the link at right corner of the page

Vocals - done |2011.11.09|

Slowly but steadily the fourth SBS recording is getting it's shape. The vocals were recorded in Valmiera at the studio of Guntars Mucenieks, keyboard player of the legendary Latvian band LIVI. Watch some photo's from the recording session in our Facebook profile.

New Album |2011.06.17|

From july 6th we start recording our new, fourth, album. First we will record the drums and bass guitar in Riga, Latvia, Soundivision studio, together with sound specialists Ivars Ozols and Edijs Gnedovskis. This new album will be international musicians from Italy and Germany are working with the keyboards, their names will be announced soon. Also we have some help from Lithuania, two guitarists from Thundertale Laurynas Bačkys and Jonas Chockevičius, also Tomas Varnagiris (Rojaus Tūzai) and vocalist Jeronimas Milius (Soul Stealer). New album will be compiled of 12 songs (one of them will be acompanied by a string quintet). As always we have a surprise for our fans two new versions of old songs. We plan to end the recordins in autumn, now we are negotiating with one of the possible foreign labels.