Name, Surname, Nickname?
Šarūnas, Venckus, Sharas
Birthday, zodiacs, religion?
1981 02 09, Aquarius. Neo dzen budist ;).
Instruments (models, other equipment)?
Drums: Mapex M-Pro birch 20", 8", 10", 12", 14". Black Panther Cymbals: Zildjian K custom hybrid 12", 13", 16", 19", 20". Pedals: Yamaha DFP-9415 neon glow flying dragon
Since when do you play in SBS?
Since 2005, with a break of 2007-2013m.
Where did you played theretofore or where you play now. Musical education. Other education?
Now i play with a band Soul Stealer. I've graduated music conservatory of Tallat-Kelpša.
Favorite artists?
Bands: Nerve, Modestep, The Aristocrats. Favorit drummers: Jojo Mayer, Buddy Rich, Marco Minnemann, Benny Greb.
Memorable concert in all and a concert with SBS?
Iron Maiden at 2010 WOA. With SBS - the Judas Priest warmup show.
Brothers, sisters, pets?
I have younger brother and sister. No pets.
Favorite books?
Vadim Zeland - Transurfing of Realities; E.L.James - fifty shades trilogy.
Favorite movies. What do you think about the TV?
Movies: Star wars, Matrix, Dr. House, Mentalist. I dont like TV.
Favorite meal, drink?
I love fruits and fruit salads. Favourite drink - chocolate milkshake.
Bad addictions?
It's hard to be selfcritical, isn't it? :)
Hobbies, i like...?
Sports, IT, forex .
Where do you want to travel?
What place was the most atractive? Wanna visit all beatifull places of our planet. At the moment Crete was most beatifull and interesting place I've been.