Name, Surname, Nickname?
Ramūnas Jasutis

Birthday, zodiacs, religion?
1978 05 13, Taurus. Agnostic.

Instruments (models, other equipment)?
Roland Juno Di, Polyvox, MIDI controllers UF8 CME, M-Audio Oxygen61, software synthesizers: NI B4, Reaktor; Spectrasonic Omnisphere, Arturia Minimoog, Moog Modular and many others.

Since when do you play in SBS?
Since 2011.

Where did you played theretofore or where you play now. Musical education. Other education?
Kaunas J.Gruodis Conservatoire (Music Theory spec.) LMTA (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre) Sound Engineering Master degree.

Favorite artists?
I enjoy listening to a wide spectrum of music, some would say I like contradicting styles: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, Deep Purple, Metallica, Sting, Europe, Dream Theater Black Country Communion, Axel Rudi Pell, Depeche Mode, Steve Reich, Beethoven, I. Stravinsky, Bruckner, P.Hindemith K. Stockhausen, and many others.

Memorable concert in all and a concert with SBS?
"Metallica" in Prague (in 2008). I hadn't many concerts yet with SBS, but all of them were important in one way or another.

Brothers, sisters, pets?
Younger brother Vaidas and a Belgian shepherd Bolė.

Favorite books?
I read more technical literature, from fiction I would mention Cz.Milosz, A.Lindgren works, J.Hašek "The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War".

Favorite movies. What do you think about the TV?
I don't like to waste time watching TV. My favourite directors are L.von Trier, R.Zemeckis. A. Tarkovsky.

Favorite meal, drink?
I am not picky or choosy about food. My favourite drinks are whisky, dark beer, white wine, strong black tea.

Bad addictions?
It's a secret ... :)

Hobbies, i like...?
20th century history, synthesizers and their history, sound design, aviation, history of music.

Where do you want to travel?
What place was the most atractive? The biggest impressions in travelling I got in the Muslim Azerbaijan, hipster San Francisco, mystical Monterey coast with sea lions on the Pacific Ocean and the totally empty Manhattan in New York right before hurricane Irene had to hot it, but didn’t. I would like to travel to places where Lithuanians haven’t walked much yet – Iceland, Russian Siberia, Central Africa, Nagorno-Karabakh and North Korea (if they will let me in).