Name, Surname, Nickname?
Martynas Garbačas, Bear.

Birthday, zodiacs, religion?
1985 08 22, Lion. I didn't find my God yet.

Instruments (models, other equipment)?
Bass guitars: Ibanez SR 1000 prestige; LTD B-50.Equipment:Head - Markbass TTE 500 Cabinet - Markbass the Standard 102HF cabinet.Amplifier - Ampeg rocket B-50R Pedals: MXR modified OD overdrive, BOSS DD-3 Delay, Marshall SuperVibe SV-1 Chorus. Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuner.

Since when do you play in SBS?
Since 2005.

Where did you played theretofore or where you play now. Musical education. Other education?
Now playing in:WOZU, Stiffer, Boltcharge, Fata Morgana.Band and projects participated in:Degradatonija, Side Effect, Tomas Varnagiris solo project (Vivaldi in rock). Katedra (Metallica project).I don't have a musical education. I learned to play from a great man and a great musician Vytautas Staniulionis, I am very greatful to him.I graduated Mykolas Biržiška gymnasium in Vilnius, and Vilnius college, social pedagogics.

Favorite artists?
Metallica, Sepultura, Pantera, Tool, Depeche Mode, Arch Enemy, Korn, Machinehead, Prodigy, Dream Theater, Death, Billy Sheehan,Cliff Burton, Robert Trujillo, Jason Newsted, Victor Wooten, Louis Johnson, Mike Portnoy, Igor Cavalera, Dimebag Darrell, Joe Satriani.

Memorable concert in all and a concert with SBS?
Rammstein in Vilnius 2001. With SBS - the Judas Priest warmup show.

Brothers, sisters, pets?
Brother Tomas and cat, which lives in my balcony, for which I didn't pick a name 'couse I don't know it's gender :)

Favorite books?
Paulo Coelho "Alchemist". "Piligrim", Antoine de Saint-Exupéry „The Little Prince“. Kobo Abe "The box man".

Favorite movies.What do you think about the TV?
I don't have TV, because it's wasting of time.

Favorite meal, drink?
I love tasty and healthy food, can't even exclude something specific. Favourite drink - chocolate milkshake.

Bad addictions?
If I say, it will mean that I admit having it... Hobbies, i like...?Hich-hiking, sports, free time with friends.

Where do you want to travel? What place was the most atractive?
Explore most beautiful pleaces of the world.